Going Through a Bulk-ing Phase

Costco bulking that is! 

We're excited to announce that our Butcher's Chicken Bone Broth is now available in 36 different Costco locations across Northern California and Nevada!

As mentioned, only our Butcher's Chicken Bone Broth is being sold there, but you may be glad to hear that in typical Costco-fashion, it comes in a bulk two-pack and is only $8.99! That's 48 ounces of golden, gelatinous, bone broth-y goodness for the price of less than 5 slices of Costco pizza--but our broth may just be a little more nutritious. 

Not convinced on bone broth yet, though? Our bone broth will be part of the beloved Costco demo program on September 23 at these select locations: 


Mountain View

San Francisco


Santa Cruz

Redwood City

And find a full list of our Costco locations here (our store locator will be updated soon to include these locations!)

Not a member of Costco, or is there another store you'd love to see us in? Let us know in the comments!