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An Early Christmas Giveaway!

Happy holidays! 'Tis the season for giving, so we're giving to you! We've partnered with some of our favorite kitchen-friends and are throwing a giveaway even Santa would be jealous of!  Curious about what we're giving away? Well here we go: A case of Butcher's Bone Broth, any flavor! A Misen Chef's Knife MMClay Dinner Plate A Danielle Walker Cookbook An Instant Pot Excited? So are we! We curated these gifts because we thought they'd get you off to a great start for the new year. So many of you are already using Instant Pots with our broth to make delicious dishes and you'll get even more inspiration from Danielle's cookbook. And what's a good meal without beautiful plateware and...

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Thanksgiving Recipe Round-up

Thanksgiving, while a very delicious holiday, can also be a stressful one--especially if you're the one hosting dinner! We've compiled all of our Thanksgiving recipes, as well as some extra tips to make your Turkey Day feast easier and tastier (after all, that's what we're all about at Butcher's!).  You'll find in each recipe, you can use our Butcher's Bone Broth. Adding bone broth is a great way to add flavor and richness without having to rely on adding salt or thickeners to your dish. Plus, you'll have the bonus (or shall we say bone-us) benefit of added protein and collagen! Thanksgiving Stuffing No Thanksgiving is complete without stuffing! Using our bone broth to cook down the vegetables while simultaneously making...

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6 Ways to Not Let the Holidays Derail Your Nutrition

The below is a guest blog post by accountability coach and trainer, Chelsea Elder. Follow her nutrition and fitness journey here on Instagram.    Let's face it... the holidays might be a good time for our taste buds, but a lot of the classics aren't exactly ideal for our waistlines (looking at you, eggnog and pumpkin pie!). But, what if we could enjoy the glorious holiday without sabotaging our health? As an Accountability Coach at All In By Teddi, I coach my clients to enjoy all the fun and food, while still feeling good in their skin.  Here are my go-to holiday tips to keep it healthy, as well as the recipe for my favorite anti-inflammatory kale and cashew soup...

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Welcome to the Butcher's Shop!

Hello there, and welcome to our new Butcher's by Roli Roti website and our very first blog post! New here? Wondering who or what Roli Roti is (hint: it has nothing to do with Indian food...yet)? Want to know more about what we do? You've come to the right place! First off, Butcher's by Roli Roti is a retail line of artisanal products that was started in 2015 with our flagship organic Butcher's Bone Broth. At Butcher's we aim to take simple, wholesome ingredients and transform them into products that will empower the homecook to make healthier and tastier meals--without any extra time or effort. You have better things to worry about.  So what's this "by Roli Roti" business?  Well,...

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