Thanksgiving Recipe Round-up

Thanksgiving, while a very delicious holiday, can also be a stressful one--especially if you're the one hosting dinner! We've compiled all of our Thanksgiving recipes, as well as some extra tips to make your Turkey Day feast easier and tastier (after all, that's what we're all about at Butcher's!). 

You'll find in each recipe, you can use our Butcher's Bone Broth. Adding bone broth is a great way to add flavor and richness without having to rely on adding salt or thickeners to your dish. Plus, you'll have the bonus (or shall we say bone-us) benefit of added protein and collagen!

Thanksgiving Stuffing

No Thanksgiving is complete without stuffing! Using our bone broth to cook down the vegetables while simultaneously making a unctuous sauce that your bread (feel free to use a non-gluten-free bread!) will soak right up! 

Vegetables and Deglazing

Speaking of using bone broth to cook down your veggies, you can do that for any dish you're making! Mashed potatoes, green bean casserole (we'll get to that next!), or even adding some extra flavor to your mirepoix! Instead of using oil or just water, bone broth can add some extra zing to your greens without any added fat!

Green Bean Casserole

The creamy mushroom sauce really makes the green bean casserole (well that and the crispy onions on top!), and our bone broth makes a velvety, flavor-packed sauce that will have your guests going back for more and more. Eating veggies on Thanksgiving is super easy, we tell ya!


Inspired by our food truck's famous porchetta, this turkey rolled roast takes a bit of effort and skill to make, but it's definitely worth it! Traditional Thanksgiving turkey is fantastic, but this is a star dish that your guests will love. 

Bone Broth Gravy

Gravy is elevated thanks to bone broth! As our broth has some drippings in it already, your life is a bit easier when incorporating it into your standard gravy recipe. When we've made this recipe for friends and family, some of them even started slurping on it all by itself!


If you're looking for another protein, you may want to consider a marinade to really amplify the flavor of your dish. Bone broth makes the perfect base for a marinade without the use of too many oils. We found even after a quick 15 minute soak in a bone broth marinade made a world of difference!

No matter how you celebrate Thanksgiving, we here at Butcher's wish you a delicious, fun, and safe holiday! Gobble gobble!