Welcome to the Butcher's Shop!

Hello there, and welcome to our new Butcher's by Roli Roti website and our very first blog post!

New here? Wondering who or what Roli Roti is (hint: it has nothing to do with Indian food...yet)? Want to know more about what we do? You've come to the right place!

First off, Butcher's by Roli Roti is a retail line of artisanal products that was started in 2015 with our flagship organic Butcher's Bone Broth. At Butcher's we aim to take simple, wholesome ingredients and transform them into products that will empower the homecook to make healthier and tastier meals--without any extra time or effort. You have better things to worry about. 

So what's this "by Roli Roti" business? 

Well, Roli Roti may be more familiar to you if you’re from or have been to the Bay Area. Roli Roti is America’s first gourmet rotisserie food truck, founded by third-generation Swiss butcher, Thomas Odermatt.

Founded in 2002, Roli Roti is still in operation and has grown from one truck to a fleet of six!

After over a decade in business, Thomas wanted a way to feed and nourish people outside of the Bay and Butcher’s was born!

Now what else does Butcher’s make that will save you time and effort? Good question!

After our bone broth (which we simmer for at least 24 hours by the way) we have our Butcher’s Chicken! Butcher’s Chicken isn’t toasted like we do in our trucks but actually sous vide! (Sous vide, for those who aren’t familiar, is a method of cooking in which a vacuum-sealed ingredient is gently cooked in a precise temperature controlled water bath) Why sous vide? Well that means that over cooked chicken breast is a thing of the past! And Butcher’s Chicken is a ready-to-way addition to any meal! This is a new product so it’s not available everywhere just yet but stay tuned!

Staying on this sous vide train, we also have a soon to be released Butcher’s Carnitas! We’ve taken traditional carnitas ingredients and prepared them in the untraditional method of sous vide (for 8 hours by the way, to ensure super tender and moist pork)!

Packed in its drippings the carnitas can be crisped up in a pan in just under 15 minutes and added to any dish!

And for those of you outside of the Bay Area who want a taste of our Roli Roti truck, look out for our Roli Roti Heirloom potatoes! Typically, our potatoes on our truck are the lucky recipients of all the chicken drippings roasting above them, so we’ve packed some pre-chopped potatoes and sous vide then with organic chicken drippings-just broil then for 12 minutes and it’s like you got the potatoes straight from our truck!

All of these products we have prepared with you in mind. To make delectable ingredients and dishes that took us hours to make (and in some cases, days) but only minutes for you to prepare  (and hopefully even less time for you to devour!).

On this new site you’ll get company news, recipes, blog posts bu us and guest writers, find where we sell our products, and even get discounts (you can get your first discount by signing up for our newsletter)!

We hope you’ll enjoy this new site with us and can’t wait to show you more!

Happy eating,