There are just three ingredients in Butcher's Bone Broth: organic bones, organic carrots, and filtered water. It's that simple! That also means our broth is Whole30-friendly and also Keto and Paleo certified!

Nope! All of the proprietary equipment we use to make our broth only touches the ingredients that make our broth, so there is no cross-contamination with allergens like soy, eggs, etc. We also wear nitrile gloves in our facilities, no latex.

Our poultry bones are sourced from Mary's Organic and our beef bones come from Panorama.

While we don't recommend freezing our broth so that you can retain the nutritional and textural integrity of the broth, we totally understand that sometimes you need to! If unopened, your broth can be kept in the freezer for up to a year. When ready to consume, we recommend letting the broth thaw slowly in the fridge. You may notice that when bought fresh from the store, our broth is really gelatinous thanks to drawing all of the collagen and gelatin from the bones; you will likely find that after freezing and defrosting the broth for consumption that the broth won't gel like it did before. This is normal, and a big reason why we don't recommend freezing if you don't have to.

Not at all! You simply need to pour the broth out of the bottle (it will be nice and jello-y and jiggly straight from the bottle) into a heat safe container and heat it up. We recommend heating in sauce pan or pot over the stove until liquid.

Butcher's Bone Broth has no added salt or flavorings because we want you to be able to use our broth as you see fit! Use it as a premium cooking ingredient and add salt and aromatics to your taste (find our recipes here) or simply drink it alone.

Unfortunately, we can't recommend consuming our broth once the "best by" date has passed. From a product quality and food safety standpoint, we advise disposing of the broth. Please refer to the freezing instructions in this FAQ should you foresee not being able to consume your broth by the best by date.

Bone Broth is packed with protein, amino acids, collagen, and gelatin. All of these nutritional powerhouses assist in muscle maintenance, bone health, rejuvenation of skin and hair, and improving digestive health. At less than 50 calories per serving, it's also a great way to get all of these great health benefits with low calories.

Butcher's Bone Broth is the only fresh organic bone broth on the market. By using only three ingredients in our broth, you can expect simple and pure bone broth. We refuse to ever freeze our broth to ensure the nutritional integrity of the broth stays intact and we also refuse to go through the processing required to be a shelf stable product. A good bone broth should not pour straight out of the bottle; rather it should have a jello-y consistency--a sign that all of the goodness has been drawn from the bones. By using our proprietary kettles, and simmering bones for up to 48 hours, we can make sure that every bottle is filled with only the good stuff.

Butcher's was created by the same man behind the popular Bay Area gourmet rotisserie food truck, Roli Roti. Thomas Odermatt is a third generation butcher from Switzerland, who founded Roli Roti in 2002. In 2015, Thomas launched the appropriately named Butcher's line of retail products under the Roli Roti name. Just like his food trucks, Thomas brings his expertise of butchery to the Butcher line of products.

Butcher's Chicken

Sous vide is a cooking technique in which vacuum-sealed ingredients are cooked slowly in a precise temperature-controlled circulating water bath. The reason we chose to sous vide Butcher’s Chicken is because chicken breast is so well-suited to sous vide. Easy to overcook, sous vide makes overcooked chicken breast a thing of the past. With low consistent heating, the resulting chicken is juicy, moist, tender, and flavorful edge to edge.

If refrigerated properly, you can simply eat Butcher’s Chicken straight from the packaging! If you’d like to warm it up, you can place it in the microwave for about a 1 minute (depending on your microwave’s strength) or place it in an oiled skillet and brown the chicken for about on a minute on each side.

Yep! Sous vide chicken can oftentimes have a pink-ish hue to eat. This is completely normal.

It means that our products have gone through rigorous testing and auditing to prove that it is compliant with all of diet restrictions of Paleo and Keto. Those on these diets or wanting to be on these diets can eat our product without any extra research or worry that they’ll be deviating from their diet.

Our Lemon Pepper flavor contains Amchoor, which is specific spice blend that has traces of wheat, which is sadly not compliant with Paleo and Keto diets.

This is a common occurrence with sous vide. As the chicken cooks, it will release and cook in its own juices, aiding in keeping it moist and flavorful. You can simply drain the pouch of the juices or reserve them to cook with.


Sous vide is a cooking technique in which vacuum-sealed ingredients are cooked slowly in a precise temperature-controlled circulating water bath. While we know carnitas are traditionally braised, we chose to sous vide Butcher’s Pork Carnitas because it guarantees delightfully tender, moist, and flavorful pork shoulder--a cut of meat that can be unevenly cooked and tough--consistently. We know it’s not traditional, but we’re confident you’ll still enjoy our carnitas!

Simply remove the Pork Carnitas from its packaging and place it in a hot pan or skillet over medium heat. As the carnitas heat through, they’ll begin to naturally fall apart and crisp. Continue to heat until the internal temperature of the carnitas reaches 165F and it reaches desired crispiness. This should not take more than 10 minutes.

Alternatively, you can heat the carnitas in the microwave. Remove the carnitas from the box and leave it in the black microwave safe tray and its plastic pouch. Place the carnitas in the microwave and heat for 1.5 minutes on high heat. Remove the carnitas, puncture three small holes in the pouch and place a paper towel over it. Put the carnitas back in the microwave and heat for another 3 minutes on high, or until the internal temperature reaches 165F.

Carefully remove the carnitas from the microwave and let stand for two minute before enjoying. Please note that the carnitas will not crisp in the microwave.

Yep! The black tray and plastic pouch that Butcher’s Pork Carnitas comes in are both microwave safe. Please refer to the above for instructions.

This is common with cooking sous vide. While being cooked in its own self-contained pouch, it will release and cook in its own juices, ensuring its flavor is intensified and its texture remains tender and moist. Before preparing the carnitas, we recommend draining the juices and reserving them for cooking or adding to the carnitas after they’ve been prepped for extra flavor.